Jonathan King - Bio Image

Jonathan, a Partner and Principal at BNKC, has proven to be a leader in managing complex projects, on budget and schedule. He has led both small and large-scale institutional, mixed use and multi-residential projects from initial inception through completion.

Jonathan leads multifaceted design teams, engages in multiple stakeholder engagement processes, and creates effective means of communicating with clients, design and consultant teams. Jonathan’s strengths lie in mitigating potential issues by identifying them early in the design process and is comfortable in his role in being integrally involved through all stages of the project, leading the overall management to realize its vision and goals.

He believes that architecture is the physical solution to successful human interaction and relishes in “getting it right” and “seeing the results”. Notable projects, upon joining BNKC, include 5509 Dundas Street West Purpose Built Rentals and 77 Wade Avenue.