East City Condos

Peterborough / Ongoing / 175,000 sf

Situated between the Otonabee River and the Trent Canal, steps from the picturesque Lift Lock 21 and extensive walking trails of nearby parklands, East City Condos is a contemporary contextual response to an established residential neighbourhood of single
family homes.

The condominium is located within the St. Joseph’s Community, in Peterborough, ON. The site fronts onto Armour Road and Hunter Street at the north-east corner of the original hospital campus.

Rising to 9-storeys this residential condominium, with a GFA of approximately 175,000 sf. and 91 units, has average units sizes of approximately 1,150 sf and share approximately 2,500 sf of outdoor amenity space.

Overall, the East City Condos design concept is a play on opposition. The strategy is centered around a single large volume clad in charcoal masonry, which is contrasted by smaller massing blocks of light masonry, and metallic-white aluminum panels that serve to break down the overall scale. Smaller volumes include deeply recessed punched windows with cladding returns and angled facades. The opposing centre mass incorporates thin extruded window frame profiles, providing relief and texture to the elevations. These shifting and disparate window schemes animate the facades with divergent shadow-play throughout the day. In a contemporary interpretation of the hospital legacy of masonry architecture, East City employs a high wall-to-window ratio, and thus, realizes a much higher thermal performance value than those of fully glazed

With a generous landscaped courtyard entrance, front yard townhouse gardens, rooftop terraces, balconies, and jullietes that serve to bring the outdoors indoors, East City Condos is a place of life well-lived within a community, providing a unique environment and lifestyle for the residents of Peterborough.

This project is part of a larger development in Peterborough that has recently been announced as a finalist for the 2019 Brownie Awards.

Renderings by Brick Visual.