Northmount School

Toronto / In development / 26,235 sqft

Northmount School was established in 1990 by a group of parents who wanted to create a school that would provide character formation while focusing on academic excellence. The current building was re-purposed from a warehouse and is a culmination of various additions. Currently, the school is under-sized for the number of students in its community. One of their major requirements of the Master Plan is to create a high-quality physical facility for a learning environment that supports the educational goals of the school, one that accommodate future growth. The school, which recently received a citation from the Fraser Institute require a facility that matches its stellar reputation.

BNKC created a Master Plan that addressed the school’s multiple priorities in providing for growth, upgrades and modernization of the facility. The Master Plan highlighted the need for new and refurbished spaces including classrooms, collaboration and informal education spaces, gym, chapel, multi-purpose spaces, STEM labs, teacher/administration offices, storage, music/art rooms and school entrance.
One of the strengths of the school is the ‘small family school’ feel and the strong sense of community among the students/teacher/parents. It was important to maintain this welcoming sense of community in the new expansion and the school’s central agora space. The Master Plan is now being developed into a Phase 1 project design, that not only addresses the priorities of the Master Plan, but also creates a new image for the school to its community, while maintaining the ‘small family school’ feel. The renewed central agora space is now larger and more open as it connects the first-floor activities to the new second floor. Additionally, the design introduces collaboration spaces in various parts of the school to allow flexibility and teamwork learning.