Beth Sholom Synagogue Addition and Renovation

Toronto / In development / 62,500 sqft

Beth Sholom Synagogue and its adjacent Hebrew School were first constructed in the late 1940’s. Over the years with a growing congregation, several renovations and a west side addition were added to the building. Nearly 70 years later, the synagogue is facing a challenge again: how should they continue to build community to meet the needs of the new generation? The synagogue now requires a rejuvenated facility to accommodate both existing and new members of the congregation and their evolving requirements.

The proposed scope of work for the regeneration of the Synagogue facilities is a combination of renovations and additions in order to support new programs, as well as to improve the building’s ability to accommodate the day-to-day existing activities within the Synagogue. The main priorities for modernization and expansions to the facility include: a renovated worship space with a more welcoming feel, new clergy wing, significant additional multi-purpose space, improved administrative area and rejuvenated exterior façade of the building.

One of the most pressing deficiencies prior to project commencement was the lack of dedicated space for community activities. With an understanding of these requirements, a new clergy and community wing is being added top of the existing building on the south side. The additions are structured by a new double height gallery space.

A major transformation to the facility will be a re-cladding of the exterior of the building. The gray stucco is currently in various states of disrepair. The re-cladding will be a striking combination of stone composite panels, curtain wall, bronze metal panels and bronze metal trims. The architectural themes from the north elevation carry through to the south elevation and were generated by the vertical rhythm of existing strained glass fenestrations.