BNKC Newsletter – October 2020



Project Update
Groundbreaking at East City Condos




Construction has begun at East City Condos! The project team, including BNKC’s Jonathan King and developer TVM Group’s Amit Sofer, gathered for a small and safe celebration to officially break ground on the project located in Peterborough, Ontario.




The mid-rise project has now sold over 80% of the units located on the North-East corner of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Redevelopment. Construction is underway and is scheduled for completion in 2022.




The site has featured prominently in Peterborough’s past, and was once the primary health care centre for the surrounding area. Specifically, it played a huge role in combating the Spanish Flu pandemic a hundred years ago. Read more about the history of this adaptive-reuse site on our blog.





In the News

The Architourist Visits St. Joseph’s Redevelopment




“This hodge-podge of buildings, bridges, tunnels and addition to buildings…could’ve been an architectural dog’s breakfast in the wrong hands. Instead…BNKC Architects…have created an inviting, thriving complex of 21st-century rental apartments.”




The Globe and Mail’s Dave LeBlanc, aka The Architourist, recently toured the St. Joseph’s Hospital Redevelopment site in Peterborough – an ambitious reclamation of a former hospital site by TVM Group. BNKC is working on several projects at the site including an adaptive reuse apartment building that used to be a patient wing and the new East City Condo development mentioned above.



From left to right, Globe and Mail’s Dave LeBlanc, developer Amit Sofer, TVM Group regional manager Tammy Deneault, and BNKC’s Jonathan King

LeBlanc is not stranger to the challenges of adaptive reuse projects, “Ask any structural engineer, developer, or architect, and you’ll get the collective Greek Chorus: Purpose-built, utilitarian buildings, such as churches or grain silos, do not convert easily to other uses, especially warm-and-cozy residential.” But, the project’s developer, Amit Sofer, is embracing the challenge, “Every unit  is different, so that’s what gives the architects all kinds of problems – and free reign to create.”

Read the full Globe and Mail article Critical Care for a Former Hospital Site.





Project Update
Serra House Construction is in Full Swing




Serra House is a Pre-Theology Residence on St. George Street in The Annex, operated by St. Augustine’s Seminary for students who are pursuing theological studies with a path towards priesthood in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto.




The entire building has been reconfigured and renovated to create a state-of-
the-art educational facility that caters to the unique needs of Serra House and its users. The layout was carefully planned to accommodate students and teachers while maintaining individual privacy needs.




The main objective of the design was to ensure a distinct identity for the heritage House and the addition, but also to make sure these two elements read coherently as one facility and are sensitively scaled to their neighbourhood and heritage context.

Learn more about Serra House on our website.





Inktober Inspiration




Every October, the Inktober Challenge encourages people to create 31 drawings in as many days. BNKC’s Sajith Sabanadesan is a talented member of our architectural and urban design team but he’s also a gifted artist. Saj’s Inktober creations demonstrate his whimsical sensibility as much as his technical expertise.




Want more? Search #inktober2020 on Instagram and find Saj’s full set on the BNKC website.