Nazanin Sepehry-Rad | M.Arch., OAA, CPHD
Project Architect

Master of Architecture, Toronto Metropolitan University, 2016

Professional Memberships

“As a kid, my dream was to become a storyteller. I used to draw my stories and had a certain storyline for each character, inventing their past, present, and future. Now as an architect I like to tell the stories with spatial experiences.”

Nazanin Sepehry-Rad, a project architect at BNKC, brings her passion for sustainable design to every project. With an MArch from Toronto Metropolitan University, she has a meticulous approach and fosters effective communication within her team. Notable projects include Queen’s University Albert St. Residence and Michael Garron Hospital. Nazanin values the supportive community at BNKC and enjoys photography as her second passion. Her greatest accomplishment is becoming a certified passive house designer. With an adventurous, imaginative, and persistent nature, Nazanin continues to leave her mark in architecture.

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