Kateryna Lokhnina | BArch
Intern Architect

Architectural Technician Program, Centennial College, 2016
Bachelor of Architecture, Pridneprovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine, 2014

“I like to fully understand the extent of a project's issues even if the task I’m assigned is quite straightforward. Any detail, however small, can impact the project if it's missed. As a result, I make sure that I capture all major and minor aspects.”

Originally from the Ukraine, Kateryna decided to become an architect at the age of 13. With her parents' support, she began to learn academic drawing from a young age and eventually pass the Department of Architecture's complex 2-day art exam. At BNKC, she is an intern architect, involved on many of our architectural projects; specifically helping with our multi-residential work at the master plan and building scale. In her spare time, Kateryna is pursuing her passion as an abstract artist.

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