People: BNKC welcomes Vaughn Miller to the partnership.

Was it luck? Maybe. Serendipity? Absolutely!

In 2020, Vaughn Miller embarked on his journey with BNKC, unaware that he’d be working remotely for the next two years. Starting with a new firm amidst a global pandemic was no small feat, but Vaughn embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. His unwavering passion for design and natural leadership qualities shone through, even in the virtual workspace. Vaughn’s relentless energy and belief in BNKC have motivated our design teams to achieve greatness during trying times in our industry. Recognizing his collaborative spirit, Vaughn was appointed Associate in the summer of 2020.

Today we are excited to announce Vaughn’s appointment as a Principal and Partner at BNKC.

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In his new role as Principal, Vaughn will lead our design conversations and continue to oversee projects, mentor our design teams, and contribute to the firm’s strategic vision. His extensive experience spans mixed-use, residential, and institutional sectors, complementing BNKC’s diverse portfolio. At BNKC, he is leading our Yonge + Green Lane and 1212 Kingston Road projects.

Jonathan King and Elie Newman, BNKC’s current partners, believe Vaughn is the ideal addition to our leadership team.

“Vaughn’s exceptional talent, dedication, and passion for design quickly brought him into our leadership team conversations. Working with Vaughn is such a pleasure for me personally, acknowledging his affinity for firm leadership is a natural step. His creative thinking will continue to drive BNKC forward as we grow.” – Elie Newman

We asked Vaughn what this appointment means to him:

“I’m thrilled to contribute to our shared vision! It’s been pure joy to work alongside Elie and Jonathan.

At BNKC, we take on interesting projects of various typologies and scales. What we’re most focused on is the quality of the work and I believe we are accomplishing great things. As we continue to evolve our iterative and critical design processes, I see the firm elevating conversations concerning the ever-changing built environment.

Ultimately, what drew me to BNKC, and makes me a proud partner, can be distilled down to three words that describe our studio culture: Curiosity, Congeniality, and Collaboration.”


Vaughn’s inclusion in our senior leadership team reflects BNKC’s ongoing growth and unwavering commitment to design excellence. He will work alongside Jonathan King and Elie Newman to provide exceptional client service, attention to detail, and continued innovation. We look forward to Vaughn’s contributions as we build on our 50+ year history, shaping the future of BNKC together.

Congratulations, Vaughn! We are lucky to have you!