Al-Hareer New City Master Plan

Al-Hareer, Kuwait / 2010

The Al-Hareer New City Master Plan is designed as an urban expansion to Kuwait City for a population of 1,000,000 residents. Located across the bay from the existing urban centre it is configured around a new waterfront basin and corniche at the water’s edge. The development is a mixed-use centre composed of residential, retail, commercial, educational, hotel, sport and recreation, and leisure typologies.

A series of open, green boulevards radiate outward from the waterfront as a significant structuring element to the built form and environment. Streetscaping studies were conducted in order to allow for large pedestrian boardwalks and flexible open spaces for events and public art, while more intimate spaces are defined by lush landscaping and well-lit promenades.

The concept also takes into account the numerous coastal ecosystems native to this region in Kuwait, and thus incorporates sustainable design initiatives and features to support the city’s growth.