Olivia Pires_W

Olivia Pires | M.Arch., OAA, CPHD
Summer Student | Junior Architectural Staff

Daniels School of Architecture, University of Toronto, 2024 (anticipated)

"I trust the creative process at all stages of a project to unearth a building’s potential. This work is important. Architecture is a part of everyone’s daily lives."

Olivia Pires has joined BNKC for the summer as a Junior Architectural Staff member. Currently pursuing her fourth year at the Daniels School of Architecture, University of Toronto, she contributes to the design and modeling of one of our mixed-use mid-rise projects. Olivia's approach stands out through her deep appreciation for the creative process and her belief that architecture plays a vital role in people's daily lives. She values the supportive and knowledgeable team at BNKC, where she continues to learn and grow. Olivia's motivation comes from maximizing her time, whether it's capturing moments through photography, cooking, or being inspired by her travels. Her three defining traits are creativity, drive, and dedication.

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