In the News: 77 Wade – Pushing the Limits of Mass-Timber

We’ve gained a lot of experience with 77 Wade – some of the most valuable was guiding the project through the Alternative Solution Process with the City. We’re proud to be advancing the understanding of tall-timber potential in Toronto and will continue to push the envelope for our clients and their projects.

In this article, John Lorinc writes about “Toronto’s tallest tall-timber project to date” and how it’s breaking down the building code to re-imagine what a wood loft should be in the new millennium – one that’s commercially viable and replicable for today’s tenants.


Read the full article here.


Next Steps:

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Attending the International Mass Timber Conference in Portland? Be sure to catch Jonathan King’s presentation The Wade Avenue Experiment, during the Broadening the Mass Timber Umbrella Panel on March 26.