Sharjah Science City University

Sharjah, UAE / 2011

BNKC was retained by the Emirate of Sharjah to create a Science City for the study and exposition of alternative and renewable energy sources. The master plan programming included a research and development centre, Faculty of Environmental Studies, ecology museum, IMAX cinema, biosphere, conference centre, hotel, restaurants, offices for private corporations, and retail.

The organization of this “Science City” radiates beyond a central lake, surrounded by a large pedestrian esplanade and main road, and an array of building components. Hovering 10 to 30 metres above the lake is a 120 metre diameter solar frame that generates power to the Science City, while providing shade and shelter for the biosphere. The site also includes the plan for 3 to 4 wind turbines that also provide power to the City, while acting as a catalyst for future study into wind power. A portion of the site is dedicated to a date palm farm for the research into energy resources derived from agricultural products indigenous to this specific region.